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Russell Martin, the principal at Say Yes Quickly Productions, produced and directed Beautiful Faces in collaboration with a team of highly talented co-producers, filmmakers, and advisors. He wrote and produced the Monette-Horwitz award-winning film Two Spirits, which was broadcast during the 2011 Independent Lens season on PBS and received the series' Audience Award.

His bestselling books, including Beethoven's Hair, Picasso's War, and Out of Silence, have been translated into two-dozen languages. The international television documentary, Beethoven's Hair, based on his book and directed by Larry Weinstein, is the recipient of three Gemini awards and the Festival Directors Prize at the International Television Film Festival.

When Colorado College, his alma mater, awarded him an honorary doctorate, the citation read, in part, "Mr. Martin offers to general audiences precise and accurate . . . studies of extraordinarily complex issues. He does more: he sees beyond what is already known; he moves beyond synthesis to new insights. His work is disciplined, analytical, and creative. It is also profoundly humane."

Producer Alvera de Leon is a Mexican filmmaker and photographer and the principal of Alma y Arte Productions. She is currently developing the documentary Toro, a feature film titled Lolita Valdez, and her documentary on the life of Spanish flamenco sensation Amador Rojas, Buscando a Frida (Finding Frida), is in post-production.

Vasco Lucas Nunes, aip, is a Portugese cinemtatographer whose films such as Dig!, Planet B-Boy, We Live In Public, Blood For Water, and Anvil: The Story of Anvil have become part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, earned two Grand Jury Prizes at the Sundance Film Festival, a Peabody Award, an IDFA Special Jury Prize, and selections at major film festivals around the world.

The film also features additional footage shot by Mexican cinematographer Hilda Mercado, AMC, whose many feature films and documentaries in Mexico and the United States include The Last Brown Beret, I Brake For Gringos, Transit, .40 Alcoholmeter, and As Usual Bill.

Darrin Navarro edited Killer Joe and Bug for famed director William Friedkin. Bug received the FIPRESCI Prize at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. He produced and edited the documentary film The Painters Voice, also directed by William Friedkin, as well as the feature films Terri and Momma's Man, official selections at the Sundance Film Festival, and numerous other shorts, documentaries, and features, including the documentary Two Spirits, which was broadcast during the 2011 Independent Lens season on PBS and received the series' Audience Award.

Spaniard Joshua King Ortiz, the film's co-editor, edited and produced The University of Nuclear Bombs, which was nominated for the Social Justice Award for Documentary Film at the 2010 Santa Barbara Film Festival.

British sound recordist Mat Dennis lives in Los Angeles. His film credits include Anvil: The Story of Anvil,  Grace, Rize, and Mayor of the Sunset Strip.

Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Ron Eng's credits include Coraline, Lakeview Terrace, Darfur Now, Bug, Vanilla Sky, Mulholland Drive, Independence Day, and Return to Neverland, among many other films.


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